Sunday, May 26, 2024

Plot thickens in Fairgrounds CEO murder case

The Botswana Police Services (BPS) has launched a massive manhunt for an unidentified woman who was in the company of Abo Kgwarae, the slain star witness in the case of murdered Fairgrounds Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Montshiwa.

The police suffered a major setback recently when the star witness in the Montshiwa murder case, Abobakwe Kgwarae went missing and was later found unconscious and beaten to near death between Commerce Park and Kgale. He was taken to Bokamoso Private Hospital where he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and later succumbed to the head injuries he suffered during the assault.

However, the police made a major breakthrough in the case when they arrested a suspect in the murder of Kgwarae and later arraigned him before Extension II Magistrates Court on Thursday. The suspect, Tshepo Motlogelwa (37) a resident of Old Naledi who originates from Ramotswa, reportedly confessed to the police that he assaulted Kgwarae and his girlfriend at a spot between Commerce Park and Kgale.

Sunday Standard investigations have revealed that Motlogelwa confessed to attacking Kgwarae and a female companion on that fateful Saturday night. The two had rendezvoused at the particular spot and were driving separate vehicles.

After Motlogelwa pounced on the two, the female companion managed to escape while Kgwarae remained behind struggling with his attacker. Reports indicate that Kgwarae managed to get into his vehicle, but the suspect hit him on the head with a hard object as he was trying to drive away. He must have lost consciousness, because the car that he was driving swerved and eventually hit a tree. As Kgwarae lay motionless in the car, Motlogelwa followed him and dragged him out, dumping him on the ground. He took his wallet, which contained only P200 and drove away in his car leaving him lying on the ground.  Motlogelwa later dumped the car at some spot in Old Naledi.

On the same Saturday night, Naledi police officers were taken aback when an unidentified woman burst into their office and pleaded with them to help her because “someone is dying.” The police then followed her to the scene of the attack, where they found Kgwarae lying motionless and bleeding profusely from a head wound. While the police were busy attending to Kgwarae, the unidentified woman disappeared into thin air and has never been seen since.

Naledi Police Station Commander, King Tshebo confirmed in an interview that they had arrested a 37 year of man who resides in Old Naledi in connection with Kgwarae’s murder.

“We managed to arrest the suspect after thorough investigations and he has been charged with murder. He has also been arraigned before court,” he said.

He however could not divulge further information on the matter, saying investigations were still underway. Meanwhile, Sunday Standard investigations have revealed that the spot at which Kgwarae and his female companion were arrested is a fertile hunting ground for criminals; who usually lie in wait for unsuspecting couples who frequent the spot. In fact, unconfirmed reports indicate that Motlogelwa confessed to the police that before he was arrested in connection with Kgwarae’s murder he survived by attacking and robbing couples that hang around the said hot spot either during the day or at night. Reports reaching Sunday Standard also indicate that Naledi Police Station is inundated with cases of assault and robbery, some involving prominent members of society, emanating from the same spot. Motlogelwa has a number of pending cases involving assault, robbery and rape. Meanwhile, on Friday evening thousands of mourners gathered at Christ the King Catholic Cathedral in Gaborone to pay their last respect to Kgwarae.


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