Friday, March 1, 2024

Police deny bribing witness in CEO murder case

The Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has denied as untrue allegations that their investigators are bribing witnesses and described it as “legal gimmick.”

These accusations were made last week by senior defense lawyer Kgosiitsile Ngakayagae during a case in which his client, attorney Modise David is a prime suspect in the murder of former Fairgrounds Chief Executive Officer Michael Montshiwa who was shot dead last year at his residential house in Gaborone at Block 6.

Ngakaagae accused the police of bribing witnesses to incriminate his client. 

Modise was Montshiwa’s lawyer before the former chief executive met his violent end in a hail of gun bullets. 

Modise has appeared for the second time since he was granted bail in December. Ngakaagae said the bribery by police happened after Modise was re-arrested by the police at G-West police station on the 9th of this month (January) when he went to report to the police as per the bail condition.

He was immediately held in custody and his cell phone confiscated. Police then went to search at his house and workplace, argued Ngakaagae. Ngakaagae said that this past weekend his client’s housemate was also taken in by the police for interrogation where he was promised money amounting to P15 000 so that he could give evidence that would incriminate Modise.

But speaking to this publication Kesetsenao Tshweneitsile said “this is absolutely nonsense and legal gimmick” adding that they will not be derailed from their mandate.

He said the investigators are working around the clock to gather as much evidence as possible that will eventually lead the suspects “to conviction as we do with other cases.”

“One gets annoyed if such allegations are being made simply to tarnish the image of the Botswana Police therefore if that has happened then such a person who is accusing the police should bring evidence,” he said.

Tshweneitsile indicated that there are procedures in place as to how the ‘operational money’ is being handled and used as well as reasons why one needs such money.

“It has never happened and it will never happen in this organization that the investigators will somehow bribe the witnesses; why bribe witnesses and for what purposes?” he wondered. 

He said each and every case that is being reported to the police is investigated on its merit and is investigated thoroughly. 

“The main job of our investigators is purely to collect evidence that can be tested before the courts of law that will eventually lead the perpetrators to conviction. More suspects are expected to be arrested as investigators are continuing with their investigations,” he said.

Tshweneitsile stated there are other witnesses that are still being pursued so that they can come and give evidence but they are reluctant.

“We hope that eventually they will come forth.”


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