Monday, June 5, 2023

Police allegedly break man’s arm and ribs during

Bobonong Police have allegedly beaten a man severely, to the point of breaking his arm and cracking his ribs, in the course of interrogating him about a missing cell phone that the owner misplaced.

Kebonye Ratladi was assaulted by the Bobonong police after a man lost his phone and suspected that Ratladi had taken it.

Ratladi allowed the man to search him but when the man failed to find the phone, he reported Ratladi to the police.

In the charge room, other officers were asked to leave the room and Ratladi remained with a sergeant and two constables. The sergeant demanded that Ratladi be handcuffed behind his back and surprisingly the assault started.
Though Ratladi pleaded with the police, his words fell on deaf ears. He spent Wednesday night in hospital and the X-ray showed that he had cracked ribs on his right side and his left arm had been broken and is currently in a cast.

The man who reported Ratladi to the police was earlier on with Ratladi and two other people who were friends to the complainant. When Ratladi parted with the men, all was well until morning when the man came to search Ratladi accusing him of stealing his cell phone.

The commander of the Bobonong Police could not comment as the investigations are still in progress.

Ratladi is currently in Bobonong renovating a lodge that belongs to the Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Shaw Kgathi.

He is not sure if he will be able to meet the deadline for his tender due to his current physical condition.
Ratladi is a self employed youth who is into construction and is fully dependent on his physical ability to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, in Ramotswa, the police shot and killed a man aged between 22 and 32.

The man was part of the group that attacked a Ramotswa businesswoman of Lesethana Ward at around 1am. The police acted on a tip-off and found the attack in progress. During an encounter with the alleged thieves, the police shot and killed one of the suspects while the other four fled from the scene with P1300 worth of scratch cards and a sum of P1900 in cash.

The police later recovered the stolen goods, and captured three of the men. The fourth man surrendered himself to the Ramotswa police station on Thursday morning.

The business woman sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the same night.

The Public Relations Officer of Botswana Police, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa, confirmed to the Sunday Standard that indeed they managed to apprehend all those who were involved in the incident that took place at Ramotswa.


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