Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Police deployed at “hotspots” traffic lights

Due to the escalating number of motorists being attacked and robbed at traffic lights, Botswana Police Service BPS has now deployed its officers twenty four hours monitoring traffic lights described as hotspots.

This comes after numerous fatal incidents in which motorists were attacked and robbed of their valuables through a technique referred to as smash and grab by criminals.

Information reaching this publication suggests that police officers from the Special Support Group (SSG) have been deployed at a number of traffic lights around Gaborone City Centre especially ones that have been recording a high number of smash and grab cases since the beginning of the year and continue to experience the same.

The police, it is reported, have identified them as hotspots and the areas are under twenty four hour surveillance.
It is further understood that since the deployment of SSG the number of such incidents is decreasing.    

The public relations officer of BPS Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa indicated that as the police, they are concerned about motorists being attacked at traffic lights either during the day or at night.

He explained that the move to deploy security officers at some of the traffic lights identified at “hotspots” continues to yield notable results.

“Our duty is to protect the public and maintain law and order therefore our efforts are bearing fruits due to our visibility in the streets”.

He indicated that sometimes ‘plain clothes officers’ are also deployed to monitor such hot spots areas and the BPS is very happy about the results.

He expressed disappointment at motorists who still continue to leave their valuables exposed on the passenger seats. He said that alone puts even the drivers at a risk of being attacked. The people mostly attacked are women.

Mbulawa added that the BPS will also continue to sensitise the public on matters of security.

He denied reports that allege that it is only officers from the SSG that are assigned to patrol traffic lights, stating that all police officers are assigned to protect motorists in such notorious traffic lights, depending on the proximity and policing area.

He revealed that they have noticed that the trend has now shifted to attacking passengers on public transport around Gaborone.

He urged motorists to always be vigilant when they approach traffic lights and ensure that all doors are locked and no valuables are put on the seats as that will reduce smash and grab incidents.


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