Monday, July 4, 2022

Police nab women carrying illegal products at Dibete

A 37-year-old woman from Kopong was arrested at Dibete after police found her in possession of prohibited medicines.

The Officer in Charge CID at Dibete, Detective Superintendent Sergeant Marapo, said, acting on a tip off, they found the woman with 144 different cream products and 111 tablets.

Marapo said also in that raid, police caught a 34-year-old woman from Gaborone West who was carrying 52 different cream products and 18 boxes of tablets. He said these products used to be sold around Mahalapye Bus Rank but since police took charge and arrested the sellers, it had all but stopped.

“We believe they have moved elsewhere but are still operating,” said Marapo, who added that investigations are still on-going to establish the extent and danger of these prohibited medicines.
He said the suspects had been released pending investigations and that the products had been taken for tests.

“Those selling them do not even have the right or relevant skills to prescribe to the buyers what they are selling to them,” said Marapo. “The customer is the one to choose what he wants to pay for and it is dangerous to the community.”

Among the confiscated tablets and creams are those that allegedly make one increase their weight, commit abortion and some skin lightening creams.

“It is complicated but these illegal medicines are used for a variety of purposes,” he said.


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