Monday, August 8, 2022

Police investigate fatal shooting of four foreigners

The Botswana Police Service Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent Christopher Mbulawa, says that investigations into circumstances that led to the incident in which four alleged foreign bank robbers were shot by members of the security in Gaborone last year have not yet been concluded.

Mbulawa said all they could tell The Sunday Standard is that inquires into the incident were continuing.

”All I can say at the moment is that inquiries into the incident are underway but, unfortunately, I cannot say when they will be through,” he said.
In the incident that occurred in Broadhurst, security officers shot and killed four foreigners who, it is alleged, were planning to rob Broadhurst Motors of money amounting to P37, 000 destined to the bank.

The former Commissioner of the Botswana Police Service, Edwin Batshu, was later quoted in a press release saying that he was happy that none of the officers was injured in the incident.

Mbulawa was not able to comment on another matter in which two foreigners were allegedly killed after they failed to obey orders from police who suspected them of attempts to hijack luxury cars in Gaborone two years ago.

“I will have to check on that one,” Mbulawa said. “I do not have any knowledge about it.”

In incidents leading to loss of lives under suspicious circumstances, police officers first investigate the case after which they refer their findings to the Directorate of Public Prosecution.
In the DPP, a decision is made whether there are grounds for the case to be referred to the Courts. If such a decision is made, then the Courts hold an inquest which then recommends if there are any grounds for someone to be charged.

In the past, one police officer, who has since left the service, was charged with murder after he shot and killed an escapee, a prisoner at Francistown Central prison serving time for armed robbery.
Another officer was charged with manslaughter after shooting a young boy he had apparently mistaken for an armed robber they were looking for in Dinatshana lands near Kanye.

.In yet another case, Gaborone Magistrate, Enoch Mazonde, ruled that security officers were right in shooting down a Tlokweng man who was on the police’s wanted list for allegedly committing armed robberies. The man, who was armed, was reportedly resisting arrest.


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