Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Police officers under arrest for stealing tyres

Three police officers based at the Botswana Police’s Transport and Telecommunications branch in Gaborone were reportedly arrested after allegations arose that they had stolen 31 tires, of which only 4 have been recovered.

The three were reportedly found in possession of the stolen contraband while some of them were also recovered from a certain individual who is said to be an ex-mechanic with the police’s transport division.

It is also alleged that the ex-mechanic has been under investigation and surveillance by the police amid suspicions that he is engaged in underhand dealings with police officers.
Subsequent investigations unearthed only 4 of the 31 tires in the possession of the suspects.

Investigations have also allegedly revealed information to the effect that the situation is deep rooted, and that a lot more police officers are involved in the scam, stealing not only tires but also car parts at the police’s transport division.

The Station Commander at Central Police Station confirmed the case but could not be drawn into discussions.
“We do have the case but cannot divulge any information as investigations are still ongoing,” he said.


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