Monday, May 27, 2024

Police search for missing Zimbabwean national

Tatitown Police in Francistown are searching for Danise Themba, a 45-year-old Zimbabwean man who has been missing for almost a month.  

The man, who hails from Luphane in Zimbabwe, was working as a farm labourer at Gerald Farms in the outskirts of Francistown.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Station Commander of Tatitown Police Station, Superintendent Cyprian Magalila, said that a case of a missing person was reported on the 11th of February this year by his employer.

“The man was reported to be missing after his co-workers realized that he was not reporting for duty and yet his belongings, clothes, a cell phone and money amounting to P600 were found in his house. The man has proper travel documents, including a valid work permit,” he said.

Magalila said that they are currently conducting searches and further appealed to the public to help them with information to try and locate the missing person. He said that what makes it difficult to locate the missing person is that he does not have any associates to help establish his whereabouts.

“The man does not have associates for us to be able to locate him and to make matters worse, he left his cell phone,” he said.

Magalila said that they do register similar cases in his policing area but maintained that this case is more challenging as the missing person does not have any associates.


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