Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Search for missing child called off

Following the mysterious disappearance of a four-year child almost a month ago in Foley Village, the search team that was formed to trace the whereabouts of the child has been called off.

The family of the missing child says it will not give up the search until they at least find his remains.

“There is no clue to the whereabouts of the missing child,” said Akanyang Mosiwa, the uncle of the disappeared child. “We have not yet lost hope even though the search has been called off. (we will continue) until we find the remains of the missing child,” he said.

Mosiwa appealed to anybody who might know what happened to the child to inform the nearest police who will take up the matter.

He said his family is grateful for the support they received from the public who participated in the search team.

“We have decided to call off the search team that was formed to trace the whereabouts of the child,” said Superintendent Goitsemang Mokgatle of Serule Police Station.

He said a team of police officers that were pulled from other police stations to come and intensify the search have now returned to their respective stations.

Mokgatle said although they had called off the search, it did not mean that they had also closed the docket.

“This is just temporary but if something crops up, the search team will be called in to continue with the search,” he said.

He added that even though there is no clue as to the whereabouts of the child, they had not lost hope.

He appealed to the members of the public to assist the police with any information that could lead to the whereabouts of the child.

“It is really heartbreaking for such a child to just disappear just like that without any trace,” said Olebile Khumo, the headman of Foley Village.

He said people came in large numbers to look for the child but nothing came out of the search.
The little boy went missing last month while he was with his elder brother collecting firewood nearby.

The situation nearly went out of control after a resident was accused by the villagers of knowing the whereabouts of the child. He had to seek police protection after the residents threatened to burn down his hut.


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