Sunday, August 7, 2022

Police Services hold marriage enrichment seminar

A healthy family automatically contributes positively to a healthy work force and the marriage institution is central in all spheres of life, and it needs to be reinforced on a regular basis, so said the Deputy Director-Transport and Telecommunication, Assistant Commissioner, Ms. Goabaone Mmadintsi.

She was speaking at The Botswana Police Service-Transport and Telecommunications Branch and Public Relations Unit on Friday at a Marriage Enrichment workshop, with the theme ‘To have and to hold’.
The main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the marriage institution.

Mmadintsi noted the importance of strengthening the family institution in order for society to be healed from most social ills.

“Social ills, including the escalation of illicit contrabands and juvenile delinquencies can be traced back to ailing marriage institutions, which need to be reinforced on a regular basis,” she said. “The Botswana Police Service appreciates the need to make a difference in the family institution hence the adoption of the occupational health and safety programme in the BPS.”

Amongst other topics covered were finance and budgeting in marriage, along with communication and conflict management, sexual intimacy in marriage and also the importance of testing (HIV and AIDS).
Giving the key note address, Dr Kopano Mpuang-Almon, encouraged the participants to invite God into their lives as God is the creator of life. “Marriage is forever as long as the two participants are alive and there is no time limit until death takes over. Marriage was designed to benefit the family institution and we have to acknowledge the truth in our families,” said Mpuang-Almon.
She highlighted that the secret of fixing marriages is between the couple and God.

“Poor communication, lack of appreciation, silent treatments and broken trust have to be avoided by all means in a family institution as they can lead to divorce,” added Mpuang-Almon.

Police officers participated at the workshop with their spouses, some who are not employees of BPS, along with other partners from other organizations outside the Police Services.
HIV AIDS related issues, such as testing, were the main issues of discussion as they affect the family institution for both single and married families.


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