Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Station Commander suspended over theft allegations

The Ramotswa Police Station Commander has been suspended over allegations of theft.
Superintendent Sarah Gabathuse is alleged to have dipped her fingers in the police Admission of Guilt kitty. Apparently, she did not dip them deep enough. She stands accused of stealing P900.

Police Commissioner, Thebeyame Tsimako, gave Gabathuse temporary marching orders this week, pending the outcome of an investigation looking into allegations against her.

The Sunday Standard gathers that Gabathuse was asked to account for the missing money by a junior police officer at the station after the officer discovered the money was missing while she held custody of the keys to the safe.

It is alleged that Gabathuse took serious offence at being questioned about the missing funds and threw a tantrum. She is alleged to have given the junior a dressing down. The officer apparently did not take kindly to her boss’ scolding and went on to report Gabathuse to her superiors in Gaborone.

Police spokesman, Christopher Mbulawa, on Thursday confirmed to the Sunday Standard, without disclosing further information, that indeed the station commander had been suspended pending the outcome of police investigations.

Gabathuse’s suspension comes at a time when general discontent exists among the Ramotswa Police officers at the station; they accuse her of running the station with an iron fist.

Officers say morale among the disciplined forces has gone down since she was transferred to Ramotswa. Police officers who spoke to the Sunday Standard anonymously this week describe her as an “iron lady”.

Gabathuse could not be reached for comment regarding her suspension. However, the Sunday Standard learned that Gabathuse reads ploy and deceit into the circumstances leading to her suspension as having been coordinated by disgruntled police officers.

There are also allegations that she is not in good terms with other local authority leaders, including the traditional leadership.


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