Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Police to lay more charges against prime suspect in Fairgrounds murder

A Gaborone lawyer cited as a prime suspect in the murder of Fairgrounds Chief Executive Officer Mike Montshiwa is at the centre of a police investigation for over P1, 5 million that was found in his bank account, Sunday Standard investigations have revealed.


Information passed to Sunday Standard suggests that Serious Crime Squad are considering pressing new criminal charges against Modise David who has already been charged with the murder of Montshiwa together with three other suspects.


In an interview David explained that sometime around 2014 he was approached and engaged by a certain businessman from South Africa to act of his behalf as he was doing business in Botswana.


He says a few days later his client requested his bank details. David said his client indicated to him that he was expecting cash amounting to P1,5 million and he wanted deposit the money into his bank account. David says he did not see anything wrong with that. He told Sunday Standard that his South African client had made it clear that once the money has been deposited into his bank account he should wait until he instructs as to what to do with the cash.


He said that after sometime the businessman informed him that the money had already been deposited into his account and faxed him a proof of the transaction.


 Modise said that he went to Capital Bank where the money was deposited and asked the teller to check whether the account was credited. The teller confirmed that the account had indeed been credited. He added that later he was informed that his account had been frozen.


“That did not worry me much because I knew that the bank had to do some cross checks before it released the funds,” said David. He said he was later questioned by police from Serious Crime Squad and bank officials who informed him that there had been some fraudulent transaction relating to his bank account.


“When I tried to contact the businessman in South African through the contact numbers he had given me, I could not get through. I gave the police everything that they wanted to further their investigations,” he said.


He added that since then the police never came back to appraise me about the progress of their investigation.


With a soft laughter, Modise said is he is wondering if the police are now trying to resuscitate the case and trying to link it with the current case in which he has been charged with murder.


In a brief statement detective superintendent Maikaelelo Chepete of Serious Crime Squad said “I can neither confirm nor deny that we are investigating such a case.”


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