Friday, March 1, 2024

Police uniform tender enmeshed in corruption allegations

A multi million pula police uniform tender is surrounded by corruption allegations in which some officers are under investigation.

So far, the police have instituted an investigation team that is expected to expose the wrong doings surrounding the new police uniform tendering.

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that a good number of police officers are suspected to have received bribes, following the on-going tender process that was opened from the 18th of last month and is expected to end on the 17th of this month.

It is understood that already some of the police officers have confessed their involvement during the tendering process.
It is further understood that after the investigations have been completed and allegations proved, the alleged suspects will be charged with corruption.

In an interview with Sunday Standard this week, the Acting Director of the Departmental Management Service, Moore Gondo, confirmed that there are some allegations surrounding the tender.

The companies that have shown interest will be tendering for items that form part of the police uniform, like handcuffs, said Gondo.

He said they have instituted an investigating team to probe the allegations.

Gondo said he was not in a position to reveal the amount of the tender because the tendering process is still ongoing and will be officially closed on the 17th of this month.

“As the police, we do not condone or encourage corrupt practices, therefore, we shall do our absolute best to root out any corrupt officers from our system,” said Gondo.


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