Saturday, March 2, 2024

Police vow to crackdown on abortion pills

Botswana Police Service has vowed to crackdown on South African nationals who are circulating adverts on social networks inviting Batswana to order abortion pills used to carry miscarriage.
Police are also on the hunt for suspects believed to be colluding with South African nationals to procure abortion pills in Botswana.
While in neighbouring South Africa abortion is perfectly legal, in Botswana abortion is illegal.
In an interview Botswana Police Service, Spokesperson, Superintendent, Dipheko Motube warned members of the public to desist from buying abortion pills from fly by night business people since such pills could pose a danger to their health.
His comments comes in the wake of numerous adverts  on social media believed to be conveyed by  South African nationals who claim to distribute abortion pills in Botswana,Swaziland,Namibia and Malawi.
A South African businessman told Sunday Standard in an interview that he was selling abortion pills worth P1500 to women who want to carry abortion. He indicated that Batswana have been ordering the pills from his clinic based in Nelspruit in South Africa.  
Motube urged the general public to desist from buying such pills from such business people because even the product safety is questionable.
He said that currently private abortion clinics are not allowed to operate in Botswana because abortion in Botswana is carried out by government institution in cases of rape, incest and defilement. 
Motube said that Botswana Police was aware about the abortion clinic that is operating Nelspruit, but Police were however helpless because it was beyond their jurisdiction.
“If there is proof that they have another outlet in Botswana we will be able to locate and take sterner charges against them. We have deployed sniffer dogs at the border post. We had cases of this nature in the past and we have been making sure that we cover the smuggling of illegal drugs in Botswana,” added Motube.
Motube said that unfortunately there are no statistics to show their fight against illegal drugs.


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