Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Bayford fears police are on a mission to conceal Kalafatis evidence

A lawyer representing Costa Kalafatis has said the Botswana Police intend to conceal a case in which security agents are alleged to have shot Kalafatis late last year.

Dick Bayford said this after the Botswana police stated that they had not yet opened a case against security agents who shot Kalafatis.

Bayford said he is worried that police are reluctant to investigate the shooting of Kalafatis. The lawyer indicated that he became aware about police intentions after he had made several enquiries about investigations on his client’s shooting.

He said the police were reluctant to carry out investigations on circumstances surrounding the Kalaftis shooting, adding that after the shooting there was no arrest made.

Bayford said that the police are planning to conceal the case as it is evident that the case of shooting was not investigated until he personally enquired.

He stated that he┬áhad volunteered to provide Kalafatis’s affidavit after┬áhis client reported the shooting by police.┬á

He added that he was surprised that upon enquiry he found out that the police had never bothered to interview his client.
Bayford stated that he had volunteered to provide his client’s affidavit where police were reluctant to┬árecord it.┬á

He said that he had to force the police to record the statement after they stated that they were going to record the statement at a later state.   

The police have never bothered to even obtain the medical report after the shooting of Kalafatis was reported to them, Bayford further added.

He said that it was shocking that the police even failed to obtain the medical report after Kalafatis had left the hospital while it was easy to get the report at Marina Hospital which is a government hospital.

He said that he also went further to collect a medical report and he handed it to the police while the police were just sitting on the matter.

The lawyer said that it was worrisome that even at this moment no one had been charged and the investigations were not yet commissioned and this could result in contamination of evidence.

Botswana Police spokesperson, Christopher Mbulawa, has confirmed that nobody has been charged in relation to the shooting of Kalafatis.

He said that at the moment he is not in a position to state whether they will charge anyone as investigations were still underway.


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