Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Police warn motorists with coloured headlights

The police have warned motorists about the illegal fitting of headlights of unauthorized colours on motor vehicles.

There is a spate of varied headlights in different colours on motor vehicles, some blue, green, red or amber.

Gaborone Central Police Station Traffic Inspector, Itumeleng Maruru, told Sunday Standard that unauthorized colours, such as sparkling blue lamps, have caused road accidents around the country, especially at night. He said that it is a common trend amongst motorists.

“These lights are common on most of the latest cars and sports cars,” said Maruru. He stated that the lights have caused accidents on highways by interfering with the vision of an oncoming motorist.
“The remedy is to cooperate as drivers on the road as the road is for all, and no lights should cause any inconvenience to road users,” said Maruru.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, motorist Lulu Tlale said that some of the vehicles, particularly the latest models, come from the manufacturers already fitted with such lights.
She confirmed that such lights are too bright at night and blind an oncoming driver.

“Those lights just hit you right in the eye and you cannot see a thing; you can’t even pull over to stop because you won’t be seeing the road right in front of you. They are not good.”


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