Sunday, March 3, 2024

Police warn about illegal road racing

The Botswana Police Service Director of Traffic, Bruno Paledi, has warned people about illegal racing on the roads, saying that the rules and regulations of the road do not allow people to conduct any kind of racing without police sanction.

Paledi said they do not mean racing is unlawful.

“If people race on a public road, there has to be procedures followed because the public could be injured,” he said. “Therefore, the relevant local authority should be informed.

He explained about the dangers that could result in an unlawful racing and said that is their main concern as the police.

As an example, he cited the Toyota 1000 Desert Race saying that the involvement of the police ensures that the road is free for racing by staying on the road to control the racing cars.

“We make sure that we inform the residents and they take precautions for their livestock,” said Paledi.

He added that even the routes taken during the illegal races are not well configured because some go through the people’s fields.

Quizzed if there are areas where this sport could be done, Paledi said, “I cannot say yes or no but there is a lot of space and there are registered clubs.”

Paledi said some of the places where they have seen these illegal races being undertaken are in places such as the road in Mochudi, along Rasesa Road and at Maun.


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