Friday, December 1, 2023

Police will not reveal how much rental the pay for Jamal flats

Botswana Police Service (BPS) will not disclose how much they spend monthly on flats they have rented from property mogul Sayed Jamali at Goalestown in Maruapula.

BPS recently occupied two apartment flats each comprising 60 units of two and three bed roomed apartments. Two more apartment flats are still under construction and have been reserved for future police accommodation needs.

Sources at Goalestown confirmed, that Botswana Police has already taken up occupancy of the flats and  that civilian tenants who occupied these flats before the deal between Universal Builders and Botswana Police was finalised have been served with three months notices to vacate the flats. The arrangement is to have the flats occupied by Botswana Police Officers only,” sources revealed.

Sunday Standard has established that the three bed roomed house within each apartments rent at P7, 000 while the two bed roomed house costs P5, 700. This comes up to an estimated P381 000 00 per flat. The figure is expected to increase to about P1524000 00 when officers who in to the flats which are currently under construction.

The figure does not include security charges, lease agreements charges and utilities charges. Botswana Police Services will not disclose how many Police Officers are accommodated at the flats, citing security reasons.

The newly appointed Botswana Police Spokesperson Witness Boseja only confirmed that the police officers have occupied the flats.

“We cannot disclose the amount we have rented the flats for but I can assure you that relevant procedures were followed in acquiring the flats. This is a rental arrangement,” he said.

Botswana Police Service had earlier complained of a security breach because civilians occupied the complex that overlooked the SSG police office complex.

The complaint in January 2015 was that tenants can easily view any activity happening within the Special Support Group (SSG) base from the comfort of their flats.

The issue was debated by Botswana Police Service command for some time before arriving at a decision to occupy the flats.

Initially Botswana Police Services wanted to buy the flats off Jamali but sources say he turned down the offer.

Jamali could not be reached for comment as his phone rang unanswered.


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