Saturday, May 21, 2022

Police worried that a serial offender has been released by Dept of prisons

Old Naledi Police Station  commander Superintendent King Tshebo  says he is too surprised that   Old Naledi  criminal kingpin  Thanana Kebonang who is supposed to be in jail for  a conviction which was originally murder then reduced to  manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years  at Court of Appeal  as well as two years for car breaking is back on the streets  and committing crime again.


“ I am telling you I am very surprised that this has happened.  Kebonang is supposed to be behind bars for  the crimes for which he was sentenced. I think  something  which I currently do not know has happened  and I think the people who can provide you with such information are the Prisons Department where he was imprisoned “, he said.


Tshebo also confirmed that they are currently looking for Kebonang  in connection with  store breaking  in Gaborone West  where  clothes and money running into thousands of pula were stolen. 

“Yes we are tracking him down as we speak for store breaking in Gaborone West. The little evidence we have picked so far points to him,” he said.


Kebonang was  initially sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for  murder by former High Court judge Gabriel  Rwelengera for having stabbed a woman to death in Gaborone West  on grounds that he had not intended to kill the deceased who apparently died from heavy bleeding to the stab wound on the thigh. Prisons Department officials refused to comment.


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