Sunday, June 16, 2024

Police sergeant accused of rape by a colleague

A Botswana police sergeant is at the centre of investigations after having been caught raping a woman while in full police regalia during working hours at Botswana Police College. This incident is reported to have occurred last week.

It is reported that the alleged police sergeant called the victim to his office, where he raped her while in full police uniform. It is reported that some officers became suspicious when they heard a woman screaming from the offices. They then went to the offices to rescue her.

This is said not to be the first act of its kind at Botswana police College.
However many such cases go unreported.

The station commander of Ramotswa police station Superintendent Motusi Phadi told The Telegraph on Monday, that his station is investigating a case in which a police sergeant is being suspected of rape.

He said the suspected officer is stationed at Police College in Otse where the incident took place. He indicated that blood samples from both the suspect and the victim have been sent for further examination which will be critical to police investigations.

“Currently we have not laid any criminal charges against the officer, but after we have completed the investigations, we will take appropriate measures,” Phadi indicated.

Meanwhile some female recruits, as well as some support staff officers who opted for anonymity for fear of victimisation told this publication that such ill acts within the college are rife, but vanish into the air.

They alleged that sometime last year, about five female recruits were raped by some of their instructors but the cases never reached the college management as they were threatened with dismissal from the college.

They claimed that sexual harassment is also very high and is worsened by the fact that some of the instructors protect each other even when recruits complain of sexual harassment. However the complaints fizzle out before they reach the top management. They appealed to the police management to institute an inquiry that will unearth ill acts that are happening within the college.


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