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Poor sexual function: how to fight back?

Life is full of challenges and many times as individuals, couples and families we have to face difficult situations that we can’t cope with alone. We could be silent about them but that does not mean we are ok. It’s only the inner soul that tends to suffer.

At times we fall for things that harm our bodies as we try to solve the problems that we are facing. As you probably know, one could think of numbing his or her feelings or emotions when they go through hard times. Alcohol and some hard drugs always come into the picture and these always cause serious complications in the body and life in general. It’s hard to resist this especially when you have a concern about something that you can’t freely talk about to your partner, friend or even your doctor! So now, what should you do?

Avoid denial and open up.

Problems get worse if they are not tackled on time. The best medication to fight fear is to confront it. It starts with admitting that you have a problem, and that the problem needs a solution. In this case it would mean that you have poor sexual function; low desire, erectile problems and premature ejaculation, pain and discomfort during intercourse ÔÇô all which always cause some unhappiness in the relationship or marriage. So just feel free and discuss this with your partner. Like I said it might be difficult at first, but if you have admitted that there is a problem you should not really struggle. Engaging your partner is important because you will get the support you need to fight your problem. Once your partner is involved, you won’t feel guilty when you experience your problem because the partner would be aware of it. In instances where the partner is not involved, one tends to be under pressure to meet the sexual demands of the other.

This can even complicate into divorce if it is left unattended to!

Avoid self medication.

There are many challenges that can cause sexual problems that are outlined above and not all of them need medication as a solution. There are lots of products in the market that are said to improve sexual performance! It could be true that they work in some instances, but the truth is they are not going to work for all conditions, especially those that need an expert’s intervention.

One should be careful of what they take because some preparations could harm their vital organs like kidneys, heart and liver. Do not rush to solve the problem without identifying the root cause first!
Seek professional help!

Sexual problems do vary and have various causes. The problem could be associated with mental issues; stress, depression, anxiety, or physical problems such as fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, infections, or low levels of sexual hormones. These problems can only be identified if one is carefully assessed and investigated. Some can be done if the after the problem is identified and your life can be better. In cases where social issues play role counseling do help a lot. It gives you coping measures and will not only solve the presenting problem but also empowers the couple to live a better life! If you are always tired because you are always working, the cure for your problem starts with addressing the workaholism!

Get well.

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