Saturday, November 26, 2022

Pop Star judges give Nonofo the boot

Whatever is becoming of pop star Botswana, I really don’t know. This past Friday’s show came as a total shock to the entire Big 5 audience as Nonofo, who seemed to be in total control of things last week, was given the boot ending her chances of becoming Botswana’s very first pop star.

The episode was a special one as they were commemorating two special days, first being The Day of the African Child on June 16th and the other being World Refuge day on the 20th. The latter was celebrated by bringing on stage invited refugees from African countries such as Sudan, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

This week our evictee appeared alongside Gorata and yet again, Kabo. Gorata was once more saved from the mighty axe by the judges whilst Kabo took to the stage with Nonofo in an effort to win themselves reprieves from the judges. “If it was entirely on my shoulders, I’d keep both of you in this competition because I believe you can sing a whole lot better than a number of people remaining,” said Sid. It surely was one of the toughest decisions the judges had to make in this competition so far, but one of the two contestants had to leave, and it just had to be Nonofo. However, Kabo was given a warning to be very serious when performing task songs. Our dear brother was asked to follow instructions and follow the lyrics of given task songs. The rest safely cruised on to the top five with a few who haven’t ever been on the elimination poll.

First to grace the stage was Gorata who seemed to have done her homework very well. Her performance was highly appreciated leaving the judges with not much to complain about. However, maybe it’s about time someone told Thandie that the show has not yet ended. She seems to be falling into a comfort zone, which is an extremely dangerous thing to do at this stage. Truth be said, the lady has good stage performance and presence, but her singing abilities are just not up to scratch. “There is a voice somewhere inside of you but its just not coming out,” emphasized Ruth Moore who then passed the mike on to Dj Sid who stressed that Thandie had no place in the competition. “If I were you, I would leave the show immediately. You are just not cutting it out anymore,” he told her. Seems the hill is getting rather too steep for our dear Thandie.

Kabo and Smarh were their usual selves with a few complaints here and there. But whatever is happening to Tshepo, I just don’t know and the judges could back me up on this one as our young lady seems to have no control over her huge voice. There was an issue of too much repetition in her task song; but let’s hope this was a mistake that will surely never repeat itself. Only two more Fridays left before the crowning of our pop star, and by the look of things, anyone of these guys can scoop that grand price. Tickets for the Grand Finale are going for a whopping P250, so be sure to join in the fun-filled event at Boipuso Hall on June 29th.


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