Sunday, June 23, 2024

Chris’s boot camp: The ultimate boot camp workout

Boot camp training is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but advocates are overenthusiastic about the fitness benefits and the entire experience.

Chris’s boot camp, named after its founder, Christophe Nkashama has been running for about three years now and counting. The boot camp has been home to 20 – 30 patrons who come by monthly to challenge themselves. Chris’s Boot camp runs at Thornhill Primary School on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1730hours ÔÇô 1830hours at a charge of P250/month and in Phakalane Primary School on Mondays and Fridays from 1730hours ÔÇô 1830hours and Wednesday at 0530am at  a cost of P300/month.

“The boot camp focuses on body weight exercises like pushups, mountain climbers, burpees and much more. These kinds of exercises help to bring the body back to its original form. So if one is overweight they will lose weight and if underweight then the individual will build muscle and gain weight,” says Christophe.

Their main focus as a boot camp is to give a mix of both cardiac and resistance exercises. Chris’s boot camp does not only provide exercises and training but also initiates different diet plans for different body types and encouragement to clients on living healthy lives. Christophe believes this type of preferred lifestyle paired with his well designed work out regime will definitely result in them meeting all their fitness goals. The boot camp encourages clients to be accountable for their own bodies and lifestyles. Clients are also encouraged to be active on social media networks, so they can be the latest updates. 

Zumba classes offered by Thornhill Primary School have not been a threat to Chris’s boot camp, but instead, a  boost for the camp. ‘We trade ideas and even work together with the Zumba team on certain occasions,” Christophe shares. He went on to say that the vast benefits of basic exercise and training should be a positive and beneficial part of life. It is a proven fact that exercise improves a person’s overall health when done on a regular basis.

He added that besides maintaining and ensuring weight loss, exercise is known to improve the heart and blood system and to enhance muscular athletic ability. It also prevents the onset of brain diseases and boosts the effectiveness of the immune system. “Over time with regular exercise, the blood supply to the active muscles improves, which causes the capillaries to respond more quickly to the requirements of the muscles. Physical activity also enhances the mechanical effectiveness,” Christophe says.


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