Saturday, September 23, 2023

Popa not averse to Shah back love?

Township Rollers may have rolled on without former financier Jagdish Shah, but the doors have not been completely shut for him should he seek to return.

The team’s chairperson, Bafana Pheto says Popa is open for any investor or partner, including Shah. “We are open to any partnership with any investor including Shah,” he says.

“We parted because Shah was not happy with some issues that is why he left because we too did not agree with him. If he comes again and agree to our terms, he will be welcome,” Pheto says.

While ready to welcome Shah back, the former financier will not just walk into the team. Some serious negotiations will have to be undertaken to iron out some misunderstandings.

“Remember his comeback would mean starting negotiations afresh. And if he saw that his demands were unrealistic and agrees with us, we will renegotiate. If we are in agreement, he will be more than welcome,” the Rollers chairperson explains.

Even without return, Pheto says Rollers still holds its former financier in high regard. And like other past leaders who have helped the team prior, he will be one of the elders of the team.

“We appreciate and commend the former investor. During his tenure at the helm, he managed to win glory for the mighty blues,” the Rollers chairman says. He acknowledges that Shah like others has done his part and will be remembered for his immense contribution. 

Pheto is dismissing allegations making rounds that Rollers owe Shah close to P20 million. “Those are unfounded allegations. Rollers does not owe Shah and he has never informed or claimed any debt against Rollers,” he says. He further reveals that they are in cordial handing over with Shah as both parties are amicably working towards friendly separation. 

The team is also looking for an investor who will replace Shah. The team expects to have a better and realistic agreement with the coming investor. Shah’s stand off with Rollers is that he wanted to own the team 100% and also felt his CEO is not supported by the team branches.

Meanwhile, Rollers promises to unveil the new coach during the off season so that he can drill and understand players before the start of the season. Off late, the team has been signing new players as it prepares to be compete for honours once again.


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