Thursday, February 22, 2024

PPC building dreams competition coming to a close

The PPC Cement building dreams competition is coming to a close in November. The competition which has been running for the past 10 months will see one lucky winner walk away with a one of a kind concrete and cement house worth P4 million.

According to PPC Cement General Manager Werner De Beer, the company is committed to empowering its customers. “This house is one of a kind, we want our customers to experience cement based products in a unique way,” he said.

De Beer said they have come a long way through several initiatives such as sponsoring the layman’s drafting of the Construction Regulatory Bill and actively working with industry organisations to ensure that they produce quality buildings.

The architect of the Building Dreams house Tshoganetso Rantshilo of Architects Collaborative said the inspiration behind the house was in accordance with PPC’s mandate as a cement company. He stated that the objective was to achieve an environmentally responsive house that showcases the versatility of cement and concrete. Rantshilo stated that the house’s uniqueness is in its orientation.

“In response to orientation we decided to place most of the day time living spaces, lounge, TV room, study, on the north west so that they do not receive direct sunlight – thus making them more comfortable. Diffused light is however borrowed through Clerestorey also known as high level windows,” he said.

Giving an overview of the project development thus far, site manager from Wharic Construction, Vincent Crosbie said the project has progressed well and without incident. 

“We had some delays with materials and other small issues, however the project delivery will be within schedule. We are now completing the outward structure then we will move on to the finer touches such as the pool and the interior outlay,” he stated.


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