Monday, May 27, 2024

PPC Cement says it has improved quality of its products

One of the leading cement manufacturers in the region, PPC Cement, last week launched its new quality improved cement to customers in Francistown as a way of giving back its customers the value for their money.

The General Manager of the organization, Werner de Beer, said on Monday that after a thorough market research as PPC Cement they realized the need to revamp their product and enhance customer satisfaction and to give their product a competitive edge.

“We realized that there is a high need for us to recognize our clients and give them value for their money by adding 15 percent value to our cement without increasing our prices,” he said.
De Beer said that although there are faced with challenges as there are many other competitors into the market, they want to focus on quality in order to create a high volume of customers and remain superior in the industry.

He said that Botswana being one of the shining successful and fastest developing countries in Africa, PPC Cement felt its need to establish ground in the country by contributing to the diversification of the economy and by continuing to be the largest supplier of cement in the country.

“We have been supplying Botswana for about 40 years and we now feel that we should contribute to the development of the country and the citizens at large by improving the quality of our products and meeting international standards,” he said.

De Beer added that this was evident as they have continued to be the biggest suppliers, especially in the building of infrastructure in the country.

He also said that, just like any business or organization, they were harmed by the global economic crisis but maintained that, unlike other organizations that closed down and laid off employees, they managed to stand strong and contribute to the economy.

The event, which was hosted at Marang Hotel, attracted Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and customers from Francistown and other areas.


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