Thursday, July 18, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: BNF veterans unhappy with Boko’s relations with SA benefactors

*Botswana National Front Veterans Position  on Mr Duma Boko’s Secret Deals and Funding.

Botswana National Front (BNF) Veterans League  has noted with dismay and  horror the  utterly shocking developments within the Umbrella  For Democratic Change (UDC) alliance, which developments concern secret deals and funding involving Mr Duma Boko, the BNF and UDC  President. These secret deals and funding are reported to be between Mr Boko and some dubious South African businessmen. These secret deals and funding include, but not limited to Mr Boko’s  funding of the BNF Rakops Conference, Mr Boko’s BMW 7 Series sedan with personalized registration DGB 19 GP, a helicopter and a jet aircraft emblazoned across with DUMA BOKO FOR PRESIDENT.  One such other deal involves soliciting the support (including financial support)  of the former President Mr Ian Khama to endorse  UDC candidates, especially in the BDP strongholds. We understand that all these secret  deals  and funding have not been sanctioned by the UDC National Executive Committee,  let alone  the BNF Central Committee.  These secret deals and funding are inconsistent and at variance with the well-known BNF political character, culture and traditions, and undermines time honored BNF principle of collective leadership.

The BNF Veterans  would like to express its unwavering solidarity and support for the BNF Vice President Comrade Prince Dibeela, and the BNF North Central (BaMangwato heartland) Regional Secretary, Comrade Mmolwa  for their principled opposition to these traitorous and  treacherous  secret deals and  funding. Both Comrade Dibeela and Comrade Mmolwa are brave, courageous and disciplined  cadres of our movement, the BNF, who will not sell their soul for Ian Khama’s  pot of soup and diphaphata and or Moti Group largesse.  Any dealing with Ian Khama is like supping with the devil. As we are all aware, Ian Khama’s  latest overtures to the UDC are not based on any principle, but a desperate act of self-preservation to stop his imminent prosecution for corruption other crimes which he was shielded  from by section 41 of the Constitution.

We know the expression:  there is no free lunch. What we find alarming as the BNF Veterans are the unknown conditionalities of the secret deals and funding,  and their implications for our national sovereignty.  What has Mr Zunaid Moti been promised in return for his apparent  acts of generosity? But having said that we want to remind the nation of the well-known BNF position on party funding. We have over the  years voiced our concern about the equally secret BDP funding, and the implications of that for our national sovereignty. All this time, our position was dismissed by the BDP government, because to them what is  good for the BDP is good for the country. Now chickens have come home to roost. But the fact that over the years BDP has received donations  from secret donors cannot, under circumstances, be used as an excuse for a  progressive organization like BNF, or indeed the entire UDC Alliance.

It is now common cause that the secret dealings and funding have not been sanctioned by the  UDC NEC, but are Mr Boko’s own initiatives designed to enable him to attain state power on the back of the BNF and UDC Alliance. It is clear to us that Mr Boko wants to go to the State House  at all costs. Mr  Boko’s  secret deals and funding by  South African businessmen is no different from the secret deals and funding involving the discredited former South African President, Jacob Zuma, and the Gupta brothers. It will be fair to say Mr Zuma was  to the Gupta brothers what  Mr Boko is to Zunaid Moti.

The BNF Veterans would like to appeal to all compatriots in the BNF and  UDC alliance not go for cheap victories that are aided and abetted by conmen  and other enemies of our people with  hidden agendas.  Elections results since 1965 show that the opposition has been gradually eroding the BDP support base, without any secret deals and funding. As we speak the combined opposition popular vote stand at 54 percent, and if it was not for the usual vote split, the BDP will not be in power, with the  secret funding that they have enjoyed over the years.  What we need to do to defeat the BDP is not some secret external funding by dubious businessmen and a former president running away from imminent prosecution for corruption and other crimes. What we need is a strong alliance, a strong sense of purpose  and a credible and disciplined leader.


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