Saturday, December 3, 2022

Pro- Batswana business forum established

Botswana Entrepreneurs Empowerment Forum (BEEF), the newly established organization aimed articulating the interest of Batswana enterprenuers, is aiming to open regional branches cross the country in the next year, officials said Friday.

“We wouldn’t like to be viewed as a Gaborone orgnisation and we will be soon rolling-out a programme aimed at opening branches in all the regions,” it said in a statement.

The organization, under the leadership of Cassim Kowa, said it intended to support Batswana’s talents and business initiatives and link them to their peers, both regionally and internationally.

“The objective is to empower and develop the local entrepreneurs to be able to compete regionally and globally, as well as building capacity and strong networks amongst local entrepreneurs and professionals”.

Among its stated objectives is to fill the vaccum of the absence of citizen-owned businesses on the national agenda and encourage Batswana business support. As part of the move, it will produce BEEF directory which will enable BEEF members to support each other in business by out sourcing services from Batswana companies before they can look out to the non- Batswana controlled companies.

The move will put BEEF members on the same level with other close-knit nationalities in the country such as Asians by giving priority to 100 percent Batswana businesses.

“The main intention of BEEF is to lay down policy, through the General Assembly so as to be observed by all its members, organs, officers and officials of the Forum.

“BEEF wants to develop and encourage a spirit of sportsmanship, co-operation and patriotism amongst members and players as well as to lobby and motivate the Government and other stakeholders on empowerment of young citizen entrepreneurs.

“Our doors are open for any business ideas that you might have. We are ready to give you support and direct you to the correct and proper areas of your concern and pushing forward your business ideas,” Vice Chairperson of BEEF and Managing Director of Mosele Legal Service, Base Sebonego, said on Friday when the organization was donating a cheaque of P 10, 000 to Moselewapula Junior Secondary School.

The membership of the organization is open to all Batswana businesses which are 100 percent citizen-owned irrespective of their discipline.

Further, the organisation has stated that it will have loose working relations with the likes of Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower ( BOCCIM)ÔÇöwhich represents Botswana’s registered companies. However, it said it does not want to affiliate to it since its decisions represent that of big business, mostly with foreign influence.

It also pointed out that it will strive to work closely with Batswana chief executives working for companies with foreign influence so that they can support 100 percent citizen owned companies.


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