Thursday, July 7, 2022

Pula Medical Aid goes electronic in reaching out to clients

The Pula Medical Aid Fund has developed and rolled out innovative services, such as revamping website, SMS communications and electronic submission of claims. The principle objective of the website is to provide a portal for current information relevant to stakeholders and to provide broader market knowledge about the fund.

Speaking at the launch on Friday, Vice Chairperson Pula Board of Trustees, Malefo Mothibatsela, pointed out that the launch of the website embodies an important part of the on-going quest, to bridge the communication gap with stakeholders.

He stated that the site will also provide members with information about their medical aid benefits, account transactions and payment and will also provide current information about Pula on an on-going basis.

“Continuous support and feedback from you is immensely important for continued improvement to communication and communication platform,” said Mothibatsela.

He stated that it is in the interest of Pula to ensure the accuracy of what is delivered through the site through other means.

Mothibatsela pointed out that the facility will ensure reduced processing time and errors as well as their related queries.

“This will facilitate swift feedback upon submission of claims, and consequently significantly reduce payment turnaround time,” he said.

Acting Managing Director Associated Fund Administrators (AFA) and administrators Duncan Thela pointed out that in order to access the Pula web portal as a service provider, they need to be connected to the internet and the instructions will be provided to follow. He said when members verify themselves; the portal will allow a person to verify if a Pula member’s medical aid account is still active.

“I encourage Pula members to constantly update the administrators about changes in their contacts details,” said Thela.

He said there is an option for viewing the client’s history as well as the claim history for their dependents, adding that to access membership certificate is also another available option.

“Members of Pula Medical Aid Fund now have access to their PULA account information. They can view recent transactions, such as doctor visits and payments, outstanding balances for various benefit categories and other transactions that have occurred on their account,” said Thela.


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