Thursday, May 23, 2024

Puna and Nono collaborate on new jazz single

Two Botswana jazz music stars, also a part of the famous ladies of jazz Puna Gabasiane and Nono Siile, have collaborated on single they have titled ‘Re tsetswe jalo’.

Re tsetswe jalo, which literally means ‘we were born this way’ motivates people to appreciate their being. It is a two-track single comprising ‘Re tsetswe jalo’, the original, and its remix
Puna Gabasiane said that ‘Re tsetswe jalo’ was the first product they released together. It is in fact her first-ever collaboration.

Their effort was informed by the fact that they are friends who have strong lyrics, vocals with themes that are usually directed towards women’s issues. Also, they had both stayed for a long time without recording.

“We wanted to show that collaboration is important. Our fans who equally love us are going to enjoy a product from both of us at a time. It is in a way better than in a situation where I could have released my single and Nono released hers,” she said.

It is dedicated to the fans as the jazz sensations want them to have a taste of what is coming this year. The musicians have a good interplay with each other.

Recorded at Soul heavens Studios, the single’s lead vocalists are Punah and Nono. The lead and bass guitar are done by Costa Sephekolo. Mooketsi Sean Mlandu played keyboards while Thabang Gaarogwe engineered sound and Lister Boleseng did saxophone and classic line-up.

Punah said she would like to record with other stars in the future. So music lovers have to ready themselves for the winds of change in undisclosed future.


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