Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rail Park Mall splashes over P20million on face lift

Just a couple of months after celebrating their third anniversary the Rail Park Mall is undergoing a facelift that will see the mall spending in excess of P20million. The new centre will boast of new shops as well as changes to the existing retailers, some of whom have already been relocated to make way for new comers.

South Africa’s clothing retailer, Edgars, is expected to take up most of the space initially occupied by Botswana Post, Centre Management, Hardware Emporium and other outlets. Some Automated Teller Machines initially located on the first floor have also been moved to the ground floor.

“These moves will help the mall to increase more valuable foot traffic as we attract more customers who are outside traditional Rail Park shoppers,” said Outule Bale, Khumo Property Asset Management Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Edgars, which is expected to open its doors beginning of November, will take up 291 square meters. Bale said as management they constantly try to give the best value for money to all those who come to the mall.

“In a period where brand experience extends further than the product quality and is now dependent on a brand’s agility, the goal of the facelift is to ensure it is relevant within the market and offer clients a unique shopping experience,” he said.

With the current facelift, a new Puma Energy filling station will also be constructed at Rail Park Mall’s parking area. The mall will also introduce a Botswana Post/Savings Bank.

“The facelift will end in a short while but the benefits will echo for the longest time,” said Bale.

One of the initial anchor retailers at the mall, Food Lovers Market, which was recently acquired by Tsetseng Group (which also owns Spar supermarket) has also closed shop.

Super Spar has taken over the space.

“It seems they (Food Lovers Market) could not afford discounts at the level that other retailers could hence they could not offer competitive prices to the consumer,” Bale explained.

Rail Park Mall opened its doors in 2011 and boasts over 100 shops with Choppies and now, Super Spar being the anchor shops. It is owned by JTTM Properties and managed by Khumo Properties.


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