Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Raletobana calls for BDP unity

The Member of Parliament for Kweneng South East Mmoloki Raletobana has urged democrats in the Gabane-Mankgodi constituency to unite against charging forces of the opposition.

Speaking during a rally marking the launch of a council candidate for Gabane-North West, Rammala Leboane this past Saturday, Raletobana said he is obliged to encourage those that lost bulela ditswe primary elections together with him to forgive and forget their former rivals who are now their colleagues.

“To lose elections is not the end of the world. Just know that your colleague has tripped you through whatever tricks. Rise up, recollect yourself and find how you are going to beat him or her in the next competition. Elections are not a permanent thing. That is why for the period our party has ruled this country, we now have the fourth president. That is democracy,” he said to loud shouts of ‘Kuka Domkraga!’

“Domkrag will never change. Mistakes happening in this party should be mended by us. We should shun tribalism and evade this ‘ngwana wa rona (our child)’ expression as Botswana’s constitution treats all tribes as Batswana. Every Motswana can settle and build everywhere in the country. You were referring to me as ‘ngwana wa rona’ meaning your child of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Lesedi Mmusi is also your child in the BDP,” he said.

His comments are informed by the fact that some groups both in Gabane and Mankgodi encourage others to vote someone from their own tribe.

He said Gabane is a strong hold of the Botswana Democratic Party and should Balete of Gabane and Bahurutshe of Mankgodi unite they are going to win with a very wide margin. They therefore should start working together.

The guest speaker at the rally, Leach Tlhomelang who is the Chairman of Southern District, said that the time for petty party politics is over and people should focus on meeting people’s needs.

“Do not be annoyed or intimidated by the opposition. We are where we are today because of the opposition parties. So if you find any of them who can be fruitful, recruit them into your camp. Some of them are angry with each other so if you bring them here they will very much be happy,” concluded Tlhomelang.


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