Monday, July 22, 2024

Ramothwa on the comeback trail

Former football administrator, Segolame Ramothwa, looks set to bounce back into the Botswana Football Association (BFA) fold in his old and now up-for-grabs position.

Ramothwa is the former Vice President of the BFA (Administration) who resigned about a year and half ago. He did not state the reasons but from the look of things it was mainly because of the acrimonious differences he had with the current administration led by David Fani.

This time around, it remains to be seen how he will work with them should he win.

Ramothwa will this coming Saturday slug it out with two other aspirants, former cabinet Minister, Boyce Sebetela, and businessman, Booker Bannister.

The elections will take place at the BFA General Assembly this coming Saturday.

All along Sebetela and Bannister were the front runners but with Ramothwa declaring his interest, the race has become even more interesting and, looking at recent developments that have been taking place in local football, he might pull a surprise victory.

However, information reaching Sunday Standard is that dirty games have already begun to try to block Ramothwa.

Some deliberate technical glitches are reported to have been put in place, something that has enraged several members who want him back into football.

But some of them have vowed to fight to the bitter end to ensure that Ramothwa is one of the nominees.

Ramothwa confirmed to Sunday Standard that he will be challenging for the position and looking forward to the challenges that come with it.

“I left football because of some reasons but since then I have had many people asking me to stand again for the position. Many people know what I am capable of and that is why they have been asking me,” he said. Ramothwa would not state his chances of winning, save to say it is up to the delegates to choose.

He, however, added that maybe they see something in him that made them beg him to come back.
However, information reaching Sunday Standard is that Ramothwa’s lobby team is busy across the regions canvassing for support. Even some delegates who are going to vote are reported to be divided because, initially, they were prepared for both Sebetela and Bannister.

Some delegates have expressed concern that their names might not be submitted.
“Some of those guys who are canvassing for the support of others are not playing it fair at all as has been the case in the past. Our names might not be submitted but we will check on a daily basis until the general assembly when we will exercise our democratic rights,” said one of the delegates, who preferred anonymity.


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