Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The ‘wedge’ on a spirited comeback trail

Talk about a shoe craze!

The wedge heel has taken the fashion industry by storm, both on and off the ramp.

It has become a must have for all women of different age groups. Whatever your taste in shoes is, this is one of those must-have shoes in the closet. This is because the wedge has been upgraded to suit the latest trending fashion.

The stiletto heel now has an arch enemy because, just like them, the wedge comes in different styles and heights. The shoes also range from casual to formal.

However, just like any shoe, the wedge has its moments and those not so good moments about it. One of the major reasons why the wedge has become a favourite among women is that, unlike stilettos, wedges offer more support to the feet, reducing foot and ankle problems at a later stage. This is because of the way it has been designed.

The wedge has a triangular heel that runs from the front to the back, rather than just sitting under the heel.

The support of the wedge has come in handy for some women who have a problem walking in stiletto heels because not all women have the talent. It takes time and energy to own a walk in stilettos. Some women have gone through the embarrassment of falling as part of the package of wearing heels, while, on the other hand, some women have had the misfortune of being unable to walk hence those funny undefined type of walks. So the wedge saves the day for most women who love high heeled shoes but could not be caught in stilettos because of the above reasons.

Amongst the many reasons why women wear heels is to add height. Through this elevation process by heels, a woman‘s legs are able to look longer, the body looks thinner and the posture is improved. What a better way to get all the benefits with the wedge while not compromising the comfort beyond what the feet can take. The wedge just has that ability to balance the whole body.

Wedges are good in a sense that they can be worn with almost any outfit. Be it either that short summer skirt or those jeans. They give the wearer the chance to experiment with and achieve that look she might want to pull off.

Although they might sound like the best thing on earth now, wedges do have their disadvantages because, after all, they are not flat shoes. You cannot run a marathon in them even if you wanted to. Just like stilettos, they are limiting in a way and a bit of practice might be required to walk on them.

If not worn properly, the wedge can look a bit unsophisticated, especially if paired with tight fitting clothing. Thick wedges can make skinny ankles appear very thin.

Whatever the case may be, wedges have made a hot comeback and every woman with a budding fashion sense should just invest in a pair or two. Maybe the next time they make a comeback, they won’t be as hot.

That sexy pair of wedges might just go a long way.


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