Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Real Deal launches talent show

Mr Tagg is back in the motherland and he is back with only one intention. The intention to help artists on the grind to realize their dreams. Mr. Tagg has teamed up with Ashley Gops and they have come up with a talent search show which they only named, Real Deal Talent Show. Speaking to Mr. Tagg in an interview he said that the talent show will be a national one.

“We are going to go to 15 major places to source contestants.”

The show will start in Molepolole on the 26th of April.

The twist to the talent show is that the search will also commence in the neighbouring South Africa. At the end, the battle will be between Botswana’s aspiring stars as well as South Africa’s aspiring stars. Mr. Tagg said that in South Africa he will only be sourcing talent in the Free State.

“The semi-final will be in Gaborone and the final will be in Bloemfontein.” Those who made it to the semi-finals in South Africa will cross over for the semi-finals. And the finalists will all go to Bloemfontein for the final show.

How will it be different from My Star?

“It’s going to be very different. I don’t know much about My Star but from where I am sitting we are too different because we want to give the Botswana artist the international platform and the opportunity to be signed in a record label that’s recognized in South Africa. The difference is that we are in Africa and we know that South Africa is the one that believes a lot in the arts than any other Southern African country. It believes in the arts than any other African country that I know so what we are saying is that hopefully we’ll have a representative and people will see that, yes he/she has been signed by a certain reputable record label. The thing with South Africa is that they really recognize the arts and they understand. When we want to develop certain areas in the industry they come out full force and support.”

Mr. Tagg went on to talk about the support that our motherland does not give to the arts industry. He used Tsotso Ngele as an example.

“Now he is South Africa and he is succeeding. He failed here because in Botswana you don’t get sponsors. There is no support.”

Pitching in on the matter of the lack of support, Ashley Gops said that they were going to use the opportunity to help others.

“I get a lot of calls from aspiring musicians asking me how they can record Afro Pop songs, for example. This platform will give them a chance to come in large numbers to showcase their talent and hopefully end up cutting their albums.”

He said that as artists they have made their mistakes because they had no one to help them, but he said that those coming after them are very fortunate because they have people who have walked the road before them.

The places that the team will source talent from are Molepolole, Kanye, Lobatse, Otse, Ramotswa, Gaborone, Mochudi, Mahalpye, Palapye, Serowe, Selibe Phikwe, Bobonong, Francistown, Orapa and Maun. The semi-final will return to the capital city.
Skeptics will not hesitate to think this is a money raising scheme. What’s your say on that?

“We have no motive to raise funds. We are already established. So we were not motivated by the need to raise funds. We have made our mistakes and the foundation is there. If we fear re re batho ba a reng we will never do anything in life.” Mr. Tagg said.
“The media can follow it up 24/7. You can even cross to South Africa and see it to the finals.” Ashley Gops filled in.

Three people will be chosen winners at the end. Two of them will walk away with record deals and the one who takes the first position will win the record deal as well as take the prize money home.


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