Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gabz Voce steals the show

The event was Miss Universe Botswana held on Sunday, 14th October 2012 at the Gaborone International Convention Centre.

In black suits, white shirts and red ties, they first ascended the stage to render Botswana’s national anthem. Various acts followed, building up to the evening gown parade by the Miss Universe Botswana contestants.

To introduce the segment, they gave a romantically sterling performance of a song called “The man you love”, much to the pleasure of the ladies in attendance.

They are a male quartet called Gabz Voce (which means Gaborone Voices).

Petros Mulala begins the song with a refined romantic baritone singing in Spanish, followed by Kebafitlhetse Kebafitlhetse, with a rather compelling introduction of the chorus in English.
At this point, there is complete silence in the audience. The second chorus begins and Pako Kajane, together with Thabang Kajane, both on tenor voice join in: the harmony created by the four voices was impeccable, the audience jaws literally on the ground, a lady in the VIP section noticeably sheds a tear. The song then transitions onto a higher key and ends in a rich and resounding climax. It was not a surprise that Gabz Voce’s performance of the song was followed by thunderous round of applause from the audience.

The evening gown parade began, preceded by the Gabz Voce setting the ambience with an intimately romantic song called “Every time I look at you”, a song they performed throughout the segment as they ushered the contestants onto the stage. It was evident the audience did not anticipate what was to follow in the quartet’s third performance.

The song was a parting song called “Somewhere”. Even with my professional competence, I struggle to find the words to describe what I experienced from these gentlemen’s vocal ability; it was an absolute marvel to watch and listen to, much to the audience’s bliss.

According to the group’s voice coach, music director and manager, Tshepiso Marumo, what we experienced on that night is a result of rigorous training and dedicated effort that has been in progress since the beginning of 2011.

“In fact, this is one aspect of a bigger project that is in the making…watch the space,” he says.
Gabz Voce can be contacted at [email protected] or 72319125/71673284. One can also visit their page on Facebook by searching for GABZ VOCE and clicking “like”, to receive updates on the quartet.


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