Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Red Cross ready to tackle malaria and anticipated floods

As the country remains gripped by the recent Malaria outbreak along with warnings of anticipated heavy floods, the Botswana Red Cross Society (BRCS) says it prepared for any eventuality.

Through its Health Care Department, the non-governmental organization plans to donate the nets to the Ministry of Health (MoH) for distribution.

“At the moment that’s all we can donate because we have run out of stock, but we have applied for funds at our international body in South-Africa through a process called the Disaster Emergency Relief Fund and we expect that when it’s granted we can donate more stock to fight off the malaria, or aid victims,” said Kgomotsego Motlopi, National coordinator of the National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU).

Motlopi revealed to The Telegraph that the Disaster Department is ready to tackle any disaster that the country might face, especially the floods. She said recent reports have since shown that some rivers are full but there is still more rainfall to be expected. According to Motlopi, their team is also focused on aiding places that have been prone to floods in the past.

The team has identified two disaster-prone areas, Shakawe and Okavango, where they already have a ready team of volunteers.

Having run out of food, the stock that they have piled at their camps includes blankets, mosquito nets, and tablets, amongst other things. Their volunteers at the site are the ones who will determine the needs of the specific areas should disaster strike.

However, she wants the public to understand that the Red Cross does not give medication because it doesn’t have doctors; all it can do is offer aid.

Meanwhile, Motlopi said that the organization welcomes any interested persons who might want to volunteer or offer donations to the Red Cross.


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