Thursday, July 18, 2024

Botswana Red Cross Society gives to Haiti

As is their mission to alleviate human suffering by providing humanitarian services to vulnerable communities, the Botswana Red Cross Society handed over monetary aid to Haiti and to the Social and Community Development Department.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, the Secretary General for Botswana Red Cross Society, Mabel Rammekwa, noted that, “BRCS puts emphasis on disaster risk reduction and preparedness and promoting community resilience.”

She revealed that BRCS does not only focus on international disasters rather they also pay attention to local disasters.

Rammekwa noted that following a disaster that occurred in the Okavango area, the BRCS extended help to families that lost crops as fields were flooded.

BRCS prepositioned 50 tarpaulins, 400 mosquito nets, 50 kitchen sets and 400 blankets to augment district authorities stocks.

Botswana Red Cross Society handed over a cheque worthy P188, 666.40 to the IFRC Southern Regional representative, KenOdur Gabelle.

Gabelle commended the work by the BRCS saying, “We are grateful because Botswana has added its name on the list of people who were moved by what happened in Haiti and has empathized with Haiti.”
Gabelle highlighted that “the money has come in time as the Haitians haven’t had decent shelter and the shelter is urgently needed as the rains are approaching”.

He noted that their contribution marks a place for the National Society. “We want to assure Botswana that every penny that they have contributed will be received formally and handed over to Haiti.”

He added that when a disaster arises in Botswana people will come from far and near to help.
As is their duty to lighten human suffering, the Botswana Red Cross Society offered support to interest groups that are not able to access support from the Government.

Rammekwa noted that the Society will offer assistance to all the District Councils. Four districts managed to receive aid in the form of blankets and clothes. The Districts include the South East, Moshupa, Kweneng and Katleng district received their aid.

The handover ceremony saw Kabo Matlho, who had been a beneficiary of the Red Cross Trust fund, being given a cheque worth P8 364 from the Trust Fund.

Rammekwe praised individuals, companies and business people who make it possible for them to help the vulnerable people through voluntary contributions.


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