Monday, July 15, 2024

Registrar of societies to axe 276 societies

The registrar of societies has already started deregistering two hundred and seventy six societies which failed to submit their annual returns.

The decision to deregister the societies came after they failed to submit annual returns to show that they are still in existence and are fully functional.

Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Edwin Batshu informed parliament this week that the majority of societies that failed were burial societies, religious organisations, sports and recreational clubs. 

The Minister indicated that the 276 will be deregistered from among the 307 societies that have not complied.

According to Batshu a decision to deregister the societies comes after the Registrar issued 307 societies with letters asking them to show why they should not be deregistered.

He said after they were served with letters only 31of them responded advancing reasons on why they should not be deregistered.

He said that their responses were accepted and they are currently in the process of regularizing them and complying accordingly.

Batshu warned that a call for audited accounts has been made for five of the thirty one societies that were given a green light to operate.

The minister explained that the five societies were called to submit audited accounts after it became evident that their financial records were suspected of improper management.

Batshu noted that the process of cancellation for the remaining 276 societies has commenced and the registrar has since notified them. Batshu warned that those who are aggrieved by decision have been advised to appeal against the decision to him. Currently there are 6404 registered societies in Botswana comprising of 1572 religious organisations, 1521 sports and recreational organisations, 1514 burial societies, 385 charitable organisations, 270 professional associations and 153 cultural organisations and other.


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