Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Report on Babirwa chieftainship crisis will not be made public

The Minister of Local Government, Peter Siele, has said he will not release the report on Babirwa chieftainship.

“I am not going to release the report for particular reasons which I cannot discuss,” Siele told The Telegraph. “There are certain reports that are not meant for public consumption, like the one that we are discussing about here.”

The minister said that the decision not to release the report was an internal matter.

“I do not know when the minister’s report will be released,” said the current Paramount Chief of Babirwa, Kgosi Mmirwa Malema, adding that his tribesmen frequently ask him about the report.
He said this causes him some concerns.

Kgosi Malema pointed out that, in the past, he asked the Minister about the report but was told to be patient.

The Headman of Arbitration, Onketetse Serumola, who claims to be the rightful paramount chief of Babirwa, told The Telegraph that they have waited for so long but the minister is not saying when he will release the report.

“It was better if he could have told us why he is taking so long,” said Serumola.

He said he hoped by delaying the report no interests will be favoured.

“If I lose without any valid reasons, I will take the matter to the High Court as I am the rightful paramount chief of Babirwa,” he warned.

Area Member of Parliament, Shaw Kgathi, declined to be involved.

“I am not the rightful person to be asked,” he said. “Siele is the right person to respond to the questions that you are asking me.”

Kgosi Malema’s chieftaincy is being challenged by two claimants: Kgosi Adam Masilo, a chief’s representative, and Onketetse Serumola, a Headman of Arbitration who alleges that the Babirwa bogosi belongs to them.

Efforts to solve the issue by the Bangwato Regent, Kgosi Sediegeng Kgamane, have failed to end the on-going crisis.

In the end, Minister Siele appointed a task force that was led by the former Minister of Education and Speaker of the National Assembly, Ray Molomo.

Other members included the former Permanent Secretary and Diplomat, Kingsley Sebele, former University of Botswana History lecturer, Dr Rodgers Molefi and a Bangwato tribesman, Shaw Mokgadi.


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