Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Residents embrace wards proposals

Gabane residents have accepted the new proposed ward demarcations in their constituency. Two wards have been subtracted from the constituency. These are Mmopane and Gaphatshwa.

Two wards have been merged into the constituency in the South Western part of the village – Mankgodi West and Mankgodi South. To the east, the constituency has been merged with the Mogoditshane South ward. The good news on these latest developments was brought by an officer from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Boamogetswe Monyena, who happens to be Demarcation Committee Chairman.

“We are here on assignment by the IEC Executive Secretary, Gabriel Seeletso. After the release of Delimitation report we know that the constituencies have not been increased but remain at 57. What has happened is that alignments have been made here and there and shifting of populations,” said Monyena.

He further explained that Metsimotlhabe Ward is still under the new Gabane/Mankgodi constituency while Mmopane and Gaphatshwa have been merged somewhere. He advised the residents that the main aim of their visit that day was to share with the residents, the assessment of the councillors’ wards in their constituency.

The new Gabane/Mankgodi constituency, just like Mogoditshane, has ten wards. In the current Kweneng South East there are four wards. These are Gabane South West, South East, North East and North West. There already were added two wards from Mankgodi.

There was need, therefore, of using the existing populations per ward: Gabane South east- 7256; South west- 5464; North West- 4501; North East- 4765; Metsimotlhabe- 71575; Mankgodi North- 3675; Mankgodi South- 3662 and Mogoditshane South 11 607 to divide wards using the standard quota of 4614 per ward. Amenities such as clinic or school or kgotla should be available at a selected area, in order that it can be demarcated as a ward.

After lengthy discussions, residents agreed that they would divide the Metsimotlhabe ward into two. The new ward will be known as Diagane Ward. Another division would be in the Mogoditshane South.

This would take part of an area known as Tsolamosese, and two other areas between Gabane South East and North East. Three wards are hoped to emerge from the division, to give the constituency the ten wards it needs.


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