Sunday, June 16, 2024

Resilient Cancer survivor to Launch inspirational Book

The diagnosis of cancer can be a devastating blow to any person. However, for others it can mark the beginning of hope and will to survive against all odds. This fact resonates well with Lebani Mazhani, who will soon be publishing her book entitled: “Facing Cancer From Under A Mask”.


When 24 year old Mazhani discovered that that she had stage 2 salivary gland in 2014, her initial reaction was of despair, but she then collected herself and faced this ordeal head on.

“Being diagnosed was probably the most difficult day of my life,” says Mazhani. Having received the devastating news, she then prepared herself for the grueling process of treatment. 

“I went through surgery of the mouth and neck area, chemotherapy and radiation over a period of 6 months, and survived. I then decided to put pen to paper and share my story with the hope to inspire those facing the same situation,” adds Mazhani.


She says her book details her twelve month experience with the disease and how it completely changed her outlook on life: “My story is of hope in what may appear to be a hopeless situation.  During the launch, we will be joined by notable members of our society who have taken sympathy in my story and my goal to share it with the nation; a nation which is battling with understanding how to deal with the disease which is affecting families across the board,” states Mazhani.


She also said that the launch will also be interactive as those present will have the opportunity to ask questions about cancer. An excerpt from her book reads: “I woke up a week later, the reality hitting harder than a meteor would. Never before had I wished to be asleep that badly, never before had I longed for dreams to come true.” 


Mazhani recently gave a motivational speech at Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) and continues to spread awareness and insightful information about cancer. After publishing booklets which were distributed in outlets such as Choppies, she decided to take a leap further to publish a book.


The event will start at 5:30PM at the UB Library Auditorium on Wednesday, 3rd of March. For more about the event, contact  74195530 or 72201122


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