Sunday, September 25, 2022

REVEALED: The workings of international satanic sects in Botswana

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up an online network used by the international satanic network to target Batswana and lure them into the dark side as part of their recruitment drive.

The international online recruitment drive has set up a website listing 129 Botswana towns and villages from Artesia to Werda, asking Satanists to browse the locations to find Satanist meetup groups in Botswana villages near them.

The Botswana Defence Force (BDF) has been listed as a meetup site for Satanists near Gaborone and Mogoditshane, listing four members. One of them who joined the online satanic movement on 4th May 2011 goes by the sobriquet “Porker” and lists his location as Kanye. Porker says he is a “male, interested on meeting other Satanists, astral travelers…etc”

Another one, who uses the name Anderson, listed his location as Gaborone stating that he joined the online Satanism movement on 6th April 2011 because he seeks “knowledge and grooming into becoming a Satanist”.

The Mogoditshane, Gaborone satanic meetup group also lists Biancah Son from Gaborone who joined the movement on 27th August 2010 saying, “I would love to meet people who recently became Satanists and also those who recently left Christianity. I want to meet someone who can teach me about Satanism, because I feel drawn to Satan and I don’t know anyone who can teach me. In a few days I will be initiated.”

The senior most member of the group goes by the abbreviation BOP and joined the online Satanism movement on 14th July 2009.

The biggest Satanism threat for Botswana, however, seems to come from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Cape Town in South Africa is listed as the city with the third largest number of interested Satanists after Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States of America.

Harare in Zimbabwe is ranked 10th while Pretoria in South Africa is ranked 20th in the whole world. None of Botswana towns and villages, however, features in the top 20 Satanist cities.

The influence of Satanist movements from neighbouring countries is most apparent in Kasane where the meet up site for Satanists from Kasane and neighbouring villages is listed as Livingstone, in Zambia.

Sunday Standard investigations followed a Botswana satanic panic sparked by Director of Intelligence and Security Services Director, Isaac Kgosi’s revelations that Satanists are operating in Botswana. Kgosi told the Public Accounts Committee last week that there are Satanism sects operating in Botswana and some prominent members of society are involved. The chief spook confirmed that “Yes, we are aware of such Satanist organisations that are operating in the country.”

This has touched off a Satanic Panic as Batswana are becoming growingly concerned about Satanic conspiracies spreading throughout the country. People are particularly fearful that Satanists may be targeting children both physically and psychologically, and churches are warning that unwary souls might fall under the sway of Satanic influences if they did not remain vigilant.


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