Sunday, May 28, 2023

Riot police on standby as spate of abductions allegedly hit Mochudi

Riot police have been put on stand-by in Mochudi following incidents of abductions which are likely to spark riots in the village.

Three students, two from Isang Primary School and one from Radikole Junior Secondary School, are said to have escaped from suspected kidnappers.

The police had to be called to Isang Primary School to address both students and parents over the incident.

Education authorities in Mochudi were forced to engage the police last Thursday to address both Isang Primary School students and parents.
The two students, aged eleven, escaped unharmed from unknown men who attempted to kidnap them around lunch time.

The police, however, dismissed allegations that the alleged kidnappers had already killed one of the pupils even though the parents were not convinced.

Highly charged parents instead demanded that the Minister of Defense, Justice and Security should be called to address them about their security and safety.

The Education Office representative told the parents that their children will be counselled and assured of safety as the police will do their best to protect their children.

Officer Commanding Mochudi, Senior Superintendent Seabo Maboka, stated that they are investigating allegations of kidnapping but would not discuss anything surrounding the case as investigations had just been initiated.

“No suspect has been arrested as yet,” he said.

Maboka indicated that, as the police, they have already visited all Mochudi schools, assuring students that they will do what it takes to insure that they are safe.

Meanwhile, a parent in Boseja Ward is appealing to the members of the public to assist her with information leading to the arrest of about four men who allegedly abducted her son recently.

Selinah Ntswetswe said she was called to the clinic by a nurse only to find her son being attended to with cuts on his hands and his clothes torn.

She explained that her son, a Form Two student at Radikolo Junior Secondary School returned home upon realising that he had forgotten his books there.

While on his way to school, he was allegedly confronted by two men who blind folded him and dragged him into a getaway vehicle.

He somehow managed to escape though he was badly cut and his clothes torn.

Ntswetswe said that she was disappointed by the conduct of the police who she described as “dicing with her child life” as they were reluctant to act and never came to view the scene.

She appealed to the members of the public to be vigilant and assist in tracing the whereabouts of the suspects.

The Regional Education Officer, Wander Masebola, is equally worried by these reported incidents as they may scare children from attending school.

He said that there had not been any formal report of any child’s abduction in his region.


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