Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Rollasole: Botswana’s convenient answer to women’s footwear

Ever wondered what to do if you can’t take one more step in those fashionable but awfully uncomfortable high heels, or where to get shoes that can fit with ease? 

Well, ‘Rollasole Shoes’ might just be what you are looking for. While empathizing with the torment that women go through daily, young local entrepreneur Newman Paul found an ingenious solution that gives women a comfortable trendy option when it comes to footwear.

“Rollasole shoes are a fashion must have for every woman out there. They are reliable, comfortable, stylish and convenient. With women’s lifestyles getting busier and busier by the day, sometimes all they need is a reliable pair of flat shoes,” explains Newman. 

He said having heard multiple complaints by women about uncomfortable shoes inspired him to act on it.

“With places to go and people to see, sometimes heels cannot carry you through the day due to discomfort and the Rollasole range makes sense to the average modern woman,” he adds.

Cleverly created in a ‘roll up fold up’ design, the shoes come in a small portable bag that can fit in various spaces. “The design means you can neatly carry an emergency pair with you wherever you go. You can pop them in your handbag, clutch bag, glove compartment or even keep a sneaky little pair in your drawer at work so you’re ready to roll when your killer heels become a pain,” notes Newman. 

On the shoe range, Newman states that they come in two designs; Contemporary ÔÇô which are basically your on and off shoes; and the Deluxe edition ÔÇô which can be used constantly throughout. The shoes come in a variety of sizes and prints such as leopard, polka dots, gold studs and others, ensuring that the shoes complement women’s outfits and maintain their fashion forward look.

 With a fashionable range of shoes that can suit any occasion, Paul says the market seems very promising: “Women from various backgrounds are keen and display a lot of interest in purchasing the shoes. We have done our research and the business idea proved feasible. The response is anticipated to grow fully as we expand to basically every woman out there.”

The entrepreneur, who is renowned for his event management company ‘Native Events’, mentions  that he aspires to make the shoes readily available at any time via vending machines. He also wants to have an outlet that people can purchase at.

“We want to make them part of fashion shows and also expand our market basis.”


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