Sunday, June 23, 2024

Row over Batlokwa chieftainship brewing

Five years after installing their paramount chief, there now appears to be simmering tensions in the Batlokwa tribe as the royal family is reportedly divided over Puso Gaborone’s chieftaincy.
Information passed to The Sunday Standard suggests that some members within the Batlokwa royal family are divided over the chieftainship.

Some family members are said to be planning to call a special meeting in which they will explain why they claim the chieftainship.

The man in the center of these developments, Sikirikiri Keorapetse Basha, a serving police officer at the Central Police Station in Gaborone, told Sunday Standard that, “I am not in a good position to comment as of now.”

Contacted for comment, Kgosi Spokes Gaborone, said, “I do not want my tribe to be dragged into the mud therefore those who have an issue should come to kgatla,” but repeatedly said, “Batlokwa know them.”

Another member of the royal family, Kealeboga Gaborone, said, “I have to consult with my elders first, therefore, I will respond sometime during the course of the week.”
Dr Molefi, a historian, said, “Batswana should now realize that they should learn to debate openly about chieftainships.”

Molefi said that it would be unfortunate if somebody claimed Batlokwa chieftainship.


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