Sunday, June 23, 2024

SAFDICO CEO recognised for outstanding leadership

South African Diamond Company (SAFDICO) Botswana Chief Executive Officer, Rutang Moses, has ┬ácredited her recognition as a “New Generation Leader for Africa” for her outstanding leadership, by African Leadership Network (ALN), to the company’s culture of ensuring that through skills transfer its human resource base is skilled, highly trained and competent.

Moses is the first and only woman honoree of the 2012 ALN’s three representatives for Botswana. She was chosen out of several thousand candidates from across Africa presented to ALN selection committee.

“We are happy that Safdico and DTP have been credited for their investment in human resources and we are to shine for Botswana in Accra Ghana,” she said.

This week, she told Sunday Standard that she is humbled by the recognition and feels fortunate to work for a blue chip diamond company with a great reputation. She stated that she has a lot of respect for the African Leadership Network, being invited to join ALN as a member for five years and to attend the 2012 annual invitation. She added that joining the gathering of ALN’s premier network of new-generation leaders as an honoree is humbling.

“I credit this to having had an opportunity to be part of Safdico Diamond Company, the Botswana diamond industry and to do a role that gives me an opportunity to grow with the industry.┬á We have successfully leveraged off the Safdico group business model to build competency, technology and skills to polish top end diamonds in Botswana,” said Moses.

Moses further pointed out that her selection also provides her with access to ALN’s 2012 gathering which will take place in Accra Ghana from October 10-13 where she will have an opportunity to engage with 300 top leaders and the most significant “new generation” decision makers on the African continent. She also added that it also includes business leaders, opinion leaders and government officials.

“We thrive on capacitating our employees and exposing them to international best practice to ensure that they are capable assets to deliver our strategy and compete at international level. Our staff is the lifeblood of our performance,” she stated.

Asked about the business plans for the next five years, she revealed that Safdico will continue to look at the human resource base to ensure that the people continue to grow to become the best assets by global standards and continue to build competency to execute Safdico’ strategies that supports Botswana Government’s aspiration to transform from being a leading diamond producer to being a world international diamond centre.

“Safdico skills development efforts are aligned and supplement the Botswana Government’s goal to transform Batswana into highly skilled and capacitated assets by 2022 through the National Human Resources Development Strategy,” said Moses.

When selecting their honorees, ALN considered a new generation of leaders for Africa, who despite their relatively young age, have tremendous influence and so are uniquely positioned to play a role in taking Africa to a new era of prosperity. The 2012 gathering brings together 300 new generation of African leaders to build collaboration and forge pan-African partnerships around substantive opportunities.


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