Monday, January 24, 2022

SAFDICO shines in Ghana

Following the recent nomination to represent Botswana as a ‘New Generation Leader for Africa’ in Accra Ghana, the Director and CEO of Safdico and Diamond Technology Park (DTP), Rutang Moses, says the gathering was a great opportunity to network and build relationships, collaborate and forge-pan African partnerships around substantive opportunities.

Moses told Sunday Standard this week that being exposed and having access to young influential and dynamic leaders was an experience that was inspirational and one that invigorated her as well as the company.

“I was privileged to be selected as one of the 20 presenters out of 300 participants to pitch opportunities in the Botswana diamond industry,” said Moses.

She further pointed out that it also provided her with a platform to share how Safdico, through the establishment of its Diamond Technology Park (DTP) in 2006, identified prospects to support the Botswana government’s aspiration to transform from being the world’s leading producer of diamonds to become the World’s International Diamond Centre.

She also revealed that she shared DTP’s success as a vibrant diamond centre, which provides various services to the Diamond industry, attracts Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and addresses Botswana’s need for employment creation, skills development and beneficiation.

“I demonstrated how DTP promotes Diamond tourism, and benchmarking opportunities. We’ve provided tours for delegations from Liberia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, amongst others,” she stated.

The SAFDICO CEO pointed out that the platform brought together leaders in an enabling environment to recognize prosperity and create a stage to strengthen relations that can only lead to greater intra-African trade, investment, partnership and collaborations. She added that her pitch gave her an opportunity to encourage African investors to consider Botswana as an investment destination.

“As Botswana transforms to being the world’s international diamond centre and moves further downstream, the DTP continues to expand to accommodate the diamond industry growth,” said Moses.

She stated that it will facilitate the development of a dynamic secondary dealing industry in Africa and support African economic growth by ensuring that African resources benefit Africans through employment creation and skills development.

She said she was one of the few that were selected from thousands of nominees across the continent.
“I am humbled by the ALN recognition and grateful to be part of the Safdico Group and the Botswana diamond industry,” she said.

Each year, the African Leadership Network (ALN) scours the continent in search of a new generation of leadership for Africa. The leaders are those who, despite their relatively young age, have tremendous influence and are uniquely positioned to play a role in taking Africa to a new era of prosperity.


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