Monday, December 4, 2023

Salakae chickens out; withdraws resignation

Botswana National Front, National Treasurer Noah Salakae says he will not go ahead with his intention to resign from the party central committee. 

Salakae said this to Sunday Standard after his resignation letter was leaked before he  handed it to the party Secretary General. 

Salakae indicated that a  letter was leaked after he shared it with some members of the party to assist him in drafting the resignation letter .

He said that after he shared the letter with  some members of the central committee a meeting was convened to pursue him not to go ahead with intention to resign.

Salakae stated that at lengthy meeting with some of the central committee members felt that he should continue serving.  

“I thought I had made my mind but at the meeting I was convinced to stay and continue serving hence I am no longer resigning,”dded Salakae.

Salakae said he was surprised to see the letter circulating on social media. He said that among those who he shared a letter with must have leaked the letter before he handed it to the Secretary General.


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