Saturday, May 28, 2022

Satar Dada prays court to show mercy to the young Nchindo

Outgoing Southern Regional Magistrate Lot Moroka is today (Thursday) expected to sentence Garvas Nchindo and Joe Malope Matome who have been convicted of graft and corruption charges.

Moroka is also expected to rule on the state demand that the piece of land acquired irregularly returned to the state.

Nchindo and Matome were yesterday afternoon returned to jail after their lawyer advocate Graig Webster had mitigated on their behalf.

But before then Satar Dada, arguably Botswana wealthiest man who is has also been a personal friend to the late Louis Nchindo, yesterday appeared before the court to seek leniency for Nchindo’s son.
Dada told the Court that he had known Garvas Nchindo for more than 30 years. He said during that time Garvas had proved himself a hard working, honest and trustworthy young man.

He said Garvas had always been the pillar behind the Nchindo family businesses.

Dada said the family business will suffer grievously without Garvas at the helm.

Also to plead mitigation was Craig Webster who has represented Matome and Garvas in the case.
Among other things Webster said the two were family men who had before his case not committed a single crime. He also said that they had contributed to society in different ways with Matome having worked for several Non Governmental Organisations like the Kalahari Conservation Society which seeks to protect environment of the country. He also said that Matome was active in his church, the Methodist.

Webster said that the men have already suffered immensely starting from the time they first appeared in Court and that Garvas Nchindo had lost his father during the course of the trial.
Webster reminded the court that the convicted men have so far been on remand for the last 17 days which on its own has been a trauma.

The fact that the case had been widely covered in the media was a great enough humiliation, said Webster.

On those grounds he submitted that it would not be wise to give them custodial sentence as they are not violent convicts.

Coming to their conviction , he said that their conviction had not been proven beyond doubt as for example there is doubt that Matome had at anytime made some misrepresentation to the former President Festus Mogae which made him to support land allocation to Tourism Development Consortium. Countering the submissions Matlhogonolo Phuthego of Directorate of Public Prosecution said the two convicts have been convicted of a very serious crime which was based on their dishonesty. He submitted that “they had taken public land and came back and sold it to them.”

The whole scheme, said Phuthego had taken some years adding that their craftiness was shown by the fact that immediately after land was transferred to TDC , the company changed directorship.


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